About Us

We are living in a society bound by rules.

We cross streets by traffic lights, go to work in uniforms.

We follow regulations and stick to routines.

Some of us spend the whole life circling in nothing but a pool, while some of us choose to open the door for a limitless ocean full of excitement.

We try so hard to keep up with the world that sometimes we seem to forget how to stop and rethink the meaning of our rules.


Now, I’M NOT UNIFORMS is putting forward a “university uniform” series.

With wild imagination, the design of the uniform is a reflection of the young who break the boundaries and challenge the seriousness.

To think critically against the authority should not be just words that are shallow and short-lived, it is supposed to evoke more examination of our society.


We hope that our encouragement would give people more bravery, bravery to look into the boundaries around them, bravery for the young to not only think by themselves, but also to find themselves, know themselves and fulfill themselves.


With I’M NOT UNIFORMS, we offer young people the opportunity to be different, be un-uniform.